Lush Haul & Review | November 2014

I have not had a bath in over 3 years. Mostly because year 1 was in student dorm with no bathtub. Year 2 was in an apartment where I was scared to touch anything because every time I did, it broke! And it was a new complex. And Year 3 was in a disgusting rental house. I was not about to touch that tub.

Anyway… I decided to spoil myself seeing as I finally have a bathtub and I keep it super clean. My dad makes fun of me. He told me it was filthy when he used it one day. I came running in to say, “What? Where?” Turns out he was being sarcastic about how clean it was. *Hmpf*


Let’s get started:

Lush Ball

This is by far my favorite product that I bought, and it was the first that I used. First of all, I put it in my bathtub, went away, came back, and my tub was pink. PINK! That water was freaking PINK! Can you say cool beans? The smell was divine. I smelled it on my skin for three days straight. It didn’t stain my tub, and this bath bomb was inexpensive. This was amazing!


This was the second bath bomb I bought. Lovely smell, but it was rather weak. The little roses on it came apart and nearly clogged my drain. They had to be picked up. And I don’t like cleaning after I take a bath. A bath is meant to be relaxing. Not work. Also, this one shed powder everywhere it touched. Not cool. Lovely smell. And that was about it.



That is all.


This shower gel is lovely. It had a great smell and it spreads really nicely. I used to use Dove and I don’t think I will anymore, because I could feel it on my skin after. This didn’t feel that way. I reach for it in the evening after I work out and I stink to high heaven. I might have to get a bigger bottle next time.


This is a nice hair conditioner. But it didn’t WOW me. I bought a Pureology one recently that I like better. With that said, it IS nice. It cleans my hair, makes it soft, but not TOO soft. And it smells lovely. But beyond that, there was nothing spectacular about it for me.


This is a seasonal bath bar. And I and so angry about that. I need to stock up on it because it is fabulous. The smell, the color, the texture. Ugh! Beautiful. It makes me skin feel so soft and luxurious. The smell…again…is amazing. And I love the fact that it has a deer on it because I love deer. They are one of the key things that I miss about Colorado.


This is a colorful lip product. It is BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT red lip color. I use it as a base for red lipstick. Applying this with a little bit of a tap from my finger is a lot easier than applying a red lip liner, which can take a while. I think of this as a base color like you would for a painting. It makes the red lipstick so much more vibrant. I adore it. And you don’t need to apply a lot of it. You really just need a little and BAM. Color. LOVE. LOVE. L.O.V.E.!!!

I know this is a really dumbed down review. I am not going into great detail, mainly because I had dental work yesterday and I can’t really bring myself to do a lot of work today.  But here is the main gist of what I thought of these products.

More to come soon!