Rimmel Kate Moss 14 Lipstick

Packaging: You can definitely tell that it is not the most expensive product when holding the packaging. It is rather light, unlike many high end brands. But I do like the sleek look of it with the red writing on it. I would dare to say that the packaging is rather sexy looking.

Application: Very smooth. It reminds me of the MAC Amplified texture. So if you like those, you will like this line.

Longevity: Very nice in that department. Like I said, it has an Amplified texture, so it lasts a long time. Or maybe I am biased because that is my favorite range by MAC. But I am very impressed given that this is a drug store lipstick. It lasted on me for four hours by itself before I needed to re-apply. Not the best. But definitely respectable.

Price: Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick ranges between $2.75-$5.50. I guess the company thinks not all are created equal. *shrug*

Rating: I give it 4/5 stars because I have found equally impressive lipsticks for slightly cheaper. And the packing being dark makes it hard to find in my purse. Small reasons, I know. But everything counts. I tend to like packaging that stands out a little more.

Kate Moss 14


Kate Moss 14  - 2


Hope you enjoyed!!