MAC Lipstick in Private Party from Night Holiday 2013

Packaging: I wish that MAC had this gold lining packaging for ALL their products instead of the silver, because I adore this packaging so much better. It just looks so much more sleek and classy. This stands out among my other lipsticks because of the gold, and I like that because it means I will reach for it a bit more.

Application: The application unfortunately was not what I wanted it to be. The lipstick tends to drag my lips a bit, which makes me think it’s a bit too thick, or it’s not creamy enough. And I love creamy lipsticks.

Longevity: Because it is so thick, it does last a really long time. It practically stained my lips after trying to get it off. It wasn’t until I went over it with a wet makeup wipe that it finally came off.

Price: It was the same price as all the other MAC lipsticks, $15.00.

Rating: This wasn’t my favorite, but it’s something I will reach for from time to time. I expected more from the texture and the application. And the color on me was a bit darker than I expected. The appearance is a little deceiving. For this reason, it gets 3 stars.

Private Party 1


Private Party 2


Private Party 3


Private Party 4


Hope you enjoy!!!