NOTD – Orchid 275 MVP

I recently did a nail polish swap with the lovely Sabrina at and she asked me to get her a few Orchid polishes, to which I sadly could not find. This week, I managed to find some in the unlikeliest of places. A convenience store. o.O

This color is called 275 MVP. It is a bright, vibrant, and matte red. The formulation is wonderful and the quality is equivalent to any other high end nail polish I have ever used. This particular color lasted on me for five days before I took it off and showed no signs of chipping or the color gradually fading in vibrancy. I have used matte colors in the past that were a bit runny and needed extra coats to make them look finished. Orchid definitely could be worn with just one coat and looked nice upon the first application.

Orchid 275 MVP

Have you tried any Orchid nail polishes? If so, which ones are a must have?