Clarins UV Plus – HP ‘Broad Spectrum’ Sun Screen

I have been on the hunt for a new sun screen ever since I moved back to the deep south. It is always said that if you want to protect your skin, you should start at a young age. I have been using SPF or at least SPF foundation since I was a kid. My mom wasn’t one of those ones who thought little girls shouldn’t wear makeup. She had me putting on blush and mascara since I was 5 years old. It was something that she loved and we could do together. She would dressed me up like a doll, curled my hair, my grandmother made me princess gowns, and I felt like a princess when I went to school. The other kids would tease me because of this, but I digress. I LOVED IT!

Back on track, I had a thorough knowledge ingrained in me from a young age that how you care for your skin in the present will affect how it looks in ten years. So naturally when I moved back to a sunny and hot environment, I was on the hunt for a good sun screen. I am not a sun worshiper and I will go out of my way to get out of the sun.

I had previously been using Shiseido, but found the consistency too thick and goopy. It works great and is highly rated, but I wanted something that didn’t make me feel greasy before even starting my makeup routine. So the very nice lady at Sephora showed this one to me.

It has a thinner consistency and is very gentle on my skin. No problems yet. I think I will be repurchasing this one for years to come. gives it wonderful reviews and I have been loving it.

It retails for about $40, which I know if extremely expensive. But the truth of the matter is, you can’t put a price on the health of your skin.

Five out of five stars!!

Clarins Sun Screen