Nails of the Day – Zoya “Stevie”

This is a PixieDust nail polish from Zoya called “Stevie.” And let me just say… I want more! The PixieDust line is incredible. I absolutely love it. It has lasted for days without showing any signs of chipping.

To be fair, I did use three coats to make it really pop, but this color was just beautiful after really getting some layers on. It also dries quicker than regular nail polish.

I have not taken it off yet, and I suspect that it might take quite a few cotton balls and a lot of nail polish remover just with the texture. But I am willing to work at it because I love the effect this gives to my nails.

It has a shimmer aspect to it that really sparkles in the sunlight. All around, just a very attractive color.


Zoya Stevie 1





Hope you enjoy!!