Birthday Post!!


I had to include this because I am a firm believer that holding one of my dogs always makes anyone feel better. And these two were all over my family this past week. It has been my birthday week, but it was dripping with  melancholy. My grandfather passed away this past Tuesday and we had to make a trip to Baton Rouge for the funeral. Still grieving for him and these two little angels knew that something was wrong. They snuggled and canoodled with us as much as they could and made us feel better.

Papa was almost 94 years old. He was SUCH a stud too. Even in his old age, he was like Sean Connery…he looked better with age. He had a gorgeous French accent, Mediterranean skin, and the most unique voice in the world. I will miss him dearly.

Yesterday was my birthday, and given the past week, none of us felt like celebrating particularly. But my family made it up to me by taking me to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I had a wonderful meal and we all had a small chance to relax.


This is the eye makeup that I wore to dinner. It was the same look that Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo wore for her 2013 Prom Look tutorial. I literally used all the same products she did from the Sleek Storm Palette along with some false lashes.


I used MAC Brave lipstick along with a MAC LE lipgloss in Cha Cha. I bought a backup of this lipgloss because it is such a gorgeous gloss. Then I curled my hair with an inch barrel curling iron and pinned it back with a bit of a twist. I have been considering cutting my bangs back, but when it comes out like this, I wonder if that is a good idea. I just hate how big my forehead is. Maybe one day I will do that again.


These pearl earrings were my birthday gift from my parents last year. They know that I am a sucker for pearls and they are my birthstone. I am completely in love with them. Pretty much anything antique looking will capture my heart.


Here is the dress that I wore. It has a sheer cut design at the top and going down the back with a leather type of belt at the center.

My dad actually picked it out for me when we happened to be at the mall one day. He grabbed it for me while I was in the dressing room and two girls tried to take it from him. He figured that was a good sign and kept it for me to see it. Love it!


And here is the back. This shot single handedly caused me to get three mosquito bites. Oh what we girls will do to take nice pictures.


And here is the nail polish that I wore for dinner out. It’s by OPI – A Rose at Dawn…Broke by Noon. It has always been one of my favorites and a staple in my collection. This shot is with no flash.


And here it is with flash.


That concludes my birthday post. It has been a week since my papa passed away and I still feel like he isn’t gone. But this dinner and my sweet sweet dogs made me feel better. Who says that a little makeup and fashion is shallow when it can make you feel even the tiniest bit better.

Lots of love to everyone,