Rimmel “Scandal Eyes” Eyeliner in 005 NUDE

The long and agonizing move is almost over. And with it, the long blog hiatus should be over as well. Now to find my ‘own’ place. Considerably harder.

I have a new video camera and a new photo camera for taking blog pictures, so here’s to there being more posts to come. My editing laptop is currently in the shop. So as soon as it is done, I will have a newly working computer again, a camera that does not shut down on me, and I won’t be fighting with Windows Movie Maker anymore. Here’s to that!

Now on to Rimmel “Scandal Eyes” in 005 Nude. I heard about this eye liner from a well known YouTube beauty guru and I decided to give it a go. White eye liner is often great for creating a “doll eye” effect, or nice to help open and brighten up the eyes if you are looking a bit worn down or tired. But white can often look a little harsh. So I tried a nude eye liner.

This particular liner is amazing. The pigmentation is stunning and it lasted on me for hours. And for $4.49 at local CVS Pharmacy Drug Stores (which often has little sales), you can’t beat the price. With the lightest touch, the color pay off is just as good as any high end brand I have ever tried.

Also, they claim to be Waterproof. I always put this the test as I have watery eyes that make “waterproof” items fade within the hour. And this did not budge for at least 4. That may not sound good to others, but given how watery my eyes are, that means that on a regular person this will last a really long time.

I intend to try more of these in the future.

Rimmel Nude


Rimmel Nude 2

Hope you enjoy!!!