Maybelline Color Whisper – 60 “Petal Rebel”

Today I am reviewing the newly released color from Maybelline’s “Whisper” line of lip sticks. When I first heard these reviewed, I remember people saying that they did not have sufficient color pay off, so I let them slide by and did not pay much attention to them. But curiosity got the better of me and I decided to try them (mainly because I loved the packaging).

On the ad in the store, I saw this particular color featured on the picture of the woman modelling for the line. I thought that it was a lovely  shade, so it made it into my basket.

Pink Rebel 1


Pink Rebel 2

Yes, it is true that the color pay of is not really bright or pigmented, but the texture is so creamy and buttery that it gives your lips a nice glazed effect that completely makes up for the lack of BAM in the color. And I find the color pay off to be enough to where I can most definitely see a difference in my lips. Also, the staying power lasted for at least 4-5 hours before I had to reapply, so it officially impresses me as far as longevity.

I always loved the Lady Gaga Viva Glam lip stick, but I ended up giving mine to a friend because it looked like death on me with my pale skin tone. I like to think of this color as my new Lady Gaga shade because it is quite similar, and yet it does not flush me out.

I got this on sale at my local CVS Pharmacy for $4.99. Here is what it looks like on my lips.

Pink Rebel 3

Hope you enjoy!!