“Wet n Wild” Fergie Palette in Desert Festival

As promised, I wanted to do a lot more drug store reviews and tutorials. With this recent move, most (if not all) of my drug store makeup items were packed. So I bought a few from the drug store yesterday in hopes to review them over the coming weeks.

This palette caught my attention when wondering around the aisle of makeup. I already have one Wet n Wild palette, but alas, it got packed. And it will be quite some time before I see it again.

The “Desert Festival” palette was created by the company featuring Fergie, the lead singer of the band ‘Black Eyed Peas.’ I have always thought that she was a marvelous talent and the fact that she helped with the design caught my attention.

Fergie DF

This palette features five eye shadows, all warm shades. It features a gold beige, a bright orange with warm tones, a lighter coppery orange, a sparkly deep brown, and a matte brown at the center. I love that this palette has two matte shades along with the shimmer shades, which is a kind of variety that even higher end brands have not yet become accustomed. One of the main complaints about the first two Urban Decay Naked Palettes was that they had no matte shades. UD came out with the Naked Basics palette to please buyers and add some matte shades to the collection, so I was pleased to see that Wet n Wild went ahead and added matte shades.

Fergie DF 2

So far,  I have been very impressed with these eye shadows. They are very pigmented and they have a long lasting quality. Although it took a TINY bit of work to apply and get a very sharp color, I have no problem with this. I know that many people want to be able to just barely touch an eye shadow and get the best color pay off possible. But I don’t have unrealistic expectations for a drug store quality shadow. For this price ($4.99), the quality is fantastic.

Fergie DF 3

Overall, I would give this palette 4.5/5 stars. It has better color pay off than some high end brands I have tried, but it took a tiny bit of effort for me to get that from it. So that is why it got a slight deduction.

Hope you enjoyed!!