“Juniper by Jennifer” Jewelry


My good friend Jennifer has created a wonderful costume jewelry brand entitled “Juniper by Jennifer.” It features beautiful designer textile jewelry  that are made especially by her handy work.

Her work is mainly inspired by her experience of studying art and design. She also has a love for Renaissance textiles and medieval feltwork.

She was so kind to send me her work for free and I am thrilled to show it off here on my blog, because she truly deserves more business for these lovely creations. Her work is inexpensive and she is based in England.

The color range is gorgeous and her creativity is beautiful. Each piece is individually crafted and sewn by hand.  They feature a lovely mixture of colors, whether you enjoy cool toned colors, or warm toned, there is a style to suit your liking.

My personal favorite is the blue and purple combination. The way the colors are sewn together gives a sort of metallic and rocker type of look.

She will soon by featuring a “Gemstone Collection,” which will be featured on her facebook page.

You can check out her designs at:


 To purchase her designs, follow this site:


JJ designs


JJ designs 2


JJ designs 3





And here is the lovely designer herself (left) looking gorgeous  at our Masters Uni Party from early 2012.

Juniper by Jennifer