YSL Sheer Candy 9

Now time for my other new YSL purchase. Which was actually a wonderful accident. I had asked the very nice sales lady at Sephora in Paris for 9 Volupte (which I decided to go ahead and buy later), and she grabbed Sheer Candy 9 instead. I didn’t realize it until I paid for it and walked away from the shop. Kelly Amanda and I sat down at a bench to thoroughly gush over our new purchases and that was when I saw that I had the wrong one. I almost went back to the store to return it, but the fear of having to converse in French and tell my mistake in a foreign language made me chicken out. And I loved the color anyway, so I decided to keep it.

And I am glad that I did.

This is a gorgeous sheer hot pink candy color. It gives a smooth glazed look on the lips and a touch of color. And the best part about it? The scent! I know some people really do not like a strong scent to any of their makeup products, but I really like this one. It reminds me of something sherbert and vanilla at the same time.

The packaging is enough to gush over. Silver with pink and gold, oh my!

It glides on with such easy and gives coverage that lasts up to five hours. I highly recommend it.