This is a wonderful milk that goes into your hair (wet or dry) that helps protect it from heat.

I had heard about Kérastase from youtuber SarahVictor, and she said that that this brand was bar none, it was legit and that most hair stylists love it. Before I left for Paris, I decided to get my hair touched up. It was quite dry and unhealthy. To be fair, my hair is naturally very thick, so it is naturally dry. And during that time, it was getting a lot of abuse because I was having to pull it back every day for my long walk in harsh winds for my work placement.

The hair stylist noticed this and told me about this particular milk. I was willing to try anything as my hair was a bit poorly. I have been very impressed with this product. I apply about a quarter/pound size amount of product into my hand and rub it through my hair generously. I put my hair through a lot of abuse being that it takes forever to dry and even longer to straighten as it is a thick as a horse’s tail.

I highly recommend this product for the protection of hair if anyone puts their own through heavy abuse like I do. I really want to try more Kérastase products in the future as my hair seems to really like them.

Have you tried anything from this line?