YSL Rouge Volutpé 9 Review

This is a lovely lipstick that caught my eye while in Sephora in Paris. When I swatched it the first time, I was instantly impressed with the pigmentation and the easy application. The pigmentation reminded me of a MAC Amplified texture, yet the creaminess was more like that of a matte Revlon Lip Butter.

This is a berry shade shade with a light shade of pink. It creates a texture on my lips that is creamy, and yet is long lasting. As a test, I ate dinner with it on to see how it would last. I then did the same next morning while out at a restaurant for breakfast. It lasted throughout the meal and for hours after. Also, when I applied it, it only took one swipe of it across my top and bottom lip to get the full effect of the lipstick. I could add more layers if I desired, but it wasn’t really necessary.

The packaging really speaks for itself. It is gold with pink at the center. The YSL symbol is in the center and it is BEAUTIFUL! The packaging alone is so luxurious that I was tempted to buy it for that reason.

YSL also has a shine range of lipsticks that come in silver casing. I will soon be reviewing one once I have tried it.

Are there any YSL lipsticks that you love?

Hope you enjoy.