MAC Marilyn Monroe “Forever Marilyn” Review

This is a beauty powder that MAC released with its recent Marilyn Monroe collection. Marilyn Monroe was known for having a beautifully pale and flawless complexion. But in many of her pictures she appears to have very dewy skin, sometimes even oily. From a Lisa Eldridge video, I learned that this was because she used Vaseline all over her face, leading many to believe that she must have had very dry skin to be able to absorb it.

This powder would be wonderful to dust on your (pale complected) skin if you are a bit oily and you need to cover it up. It would also make a wonderful powder if you want to set your foundation or make it more matte. It has a slight peachy tone to it to give color so it can concievably work for many different complexions while still being on the fair side.

If are also looking for a matte highlight or matte light contour powder, this would work perfectly. Not to mention that the packaging is beautiful.



Hope you enjoy.


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