Orofluido Hair Oil Review

This is a product that I was introduced to by may hair stylist when I was living in the UK. I had accidently left my Moroccan Oil back in the US, and I really didn’t feel like buying more as it is quite expensive. So this product looked like something that would help me out and keep my hair healthy as it has the same kind of consistency as Moroccan Oil.

On the main webpage, the company claims that this works for all hair types, making your hair shiny, lightweight, and silky. It is made with all natural oils, including Argan Oil, Linseed Oil, and Cyperus Oil.  It also has a scent that is close to an amber with vanilla.

I instantly fell in love with this product as it really helped with everything that it claimed to do. My hair was smoother and shinier. I also noticed that unlike other oil products I have put in my hair, my hair instantly absorbed it. Other products have left my hair greasy or looking like I need to hop right back in the shower after having used it because I look like a hot greasy mess. But my hair loved this oil. Only a little in my palm, rubbing it into the hands and gently spreading it through my hair, and my hair sucked it right up. It disappeared whilst giving me a glow-ey shine.

I highly recommend it for those who can get it in the UK or European countries where it is available.