SLEEK Rose Gold Blush Review

Sleek is a brand that I recently found in the UK after having heard a ton about it from various YouTube gurus. They make wonderfully pigmented eyeshadows and blushes.  They are also very inexpensive, therefore great for those on a tighter budget. You could buy a palette from this brand, a blush, and  a lipstick and still be able to afford food at the end of the week unlike many other brands. In the UK, this product can be found in Superdrug.

This has been my staple blush for weeks and it was the only blush I took with me to Paris as in certain lights, it looks like a blush and a upper cheek highlight.

The color is just as it sounds in the name, a Rose Gold. It is a pinky color with a definite gold shimmer that is beautiful, but not overwhelming. It applies smoothly with a few strokes of a blush brush and does not overwhelm the face, particularly for light skin tones. Although with the gold in it, I believe this would be gorgeous on darker skin tones as well. Particularly for those with pink undertones.

As you can see in this swatch of the color, the pink turns into a wonderful gold in direct light, giving your upper cheekbone the appearance of having a highlight without having to even apply one. For this reason, this blush is very multi-functional.

I hope you enjoyed.