MAC ‘On the Hunt’ Eye Shadow Duo Review

MAC recently released a new collection entitled “STYLESEEKER” featuring a few various eye shadow duos. After looking them all over, I decided to purchase ‘On the Hunt’ as it had colors that I did not already have in my collection.

The ‘On the Hunt’ duo is a beautiful combination. The shadow to the left is “Star Myth,” a coppery-red shade with undertones of gold. This shade can be worn alone or with perhaps a darker color above it to create a cut crease effect for something more dramatic. It is highly pigmented and has a very smooth ‘Frost’ texture. I know that Frosts are not well-loved as they can sometimes have a sheen that is undesirable, but this was easy to work with and blended quite well.

The second color is “Raving Mad”, a violet bronze color, that in my mind, looks more red than bronze from certain angles or lighting. It is a ‘Veluxe Pearl’ texture that applies well, although it is not quite as pigmented as “Star Myth.” I think that this color would be beautiful in the crease with a gold such as MAC’s “Amber Lights” or “Woodwinked” on the lids. The lady working at MAC when I bought this duo had it on in this way and it was quite striking and unique.

Many people are a bit frightened to wear red or bold colors. I think that this duo would be a great way to gradually introduce yourself to brighter shades if you are not used to them. This is also a wonderful duo for fall as the colors are very autumn in their tones. They remind me of the changing color of leaves back in Colorado.





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