MAC ‘Pink Pearl Pop’ Lipstick Review

New from MAC’s “Cremesheen + Pearl” collection, Pink Pearl Pop is an amazing Barbie pink lipstick. I was immediately drawn to it the moment I saw it. It stood out from the rest of the collection and it was unlike any other Pink that I have. Because every girl knows that there are different shades of pink. 😉

It is a beautiful shade in a Cremesheen finish. It lasted a good four to five hours before I started to notice that I need to reapply it. And that is through a very windy and dreary day outside whilst walking to work for 45 minutes against the wind. Yes, it lasted perfectly through that.

This retailed for 14 quid here in the UK. I believe they are $14.50 in the US, so they are definitely cheaper in the US. But I was certain that this would be gone before I ever got home, so I decided to snatch it while I still could.

The only thing that I did not like about this lipstick was that it tended to seep into the creases of my lip as it faded. Not the most attractive thing in the world. Although, I am sure that I am the only one who noticed anything. Others would probably look at the application and think that it looked fine.