NARS Albatross Highlighter Review

Nars Albratross is a beautiful highlighter for the face that could also be used for eyes shadow.

Recently I have been using this as a highlighter for my cheekbone to lighten up my complexion. I think that if I were allowed to only wear a few products in life, highlighter would be one of them. I have noticed over the past few months that it takes my makeup look from being average to dazzling. And highlighter always makes me feel glamorous and like my look is complete.

This particular highlighter appears white with flecks of gold in it. I saw ‘StaceyBrennan’ using it a few of her “Get Ready With Me” videos and I was amazing at how it made her entire look appeared to brighten in the light with just a touch of this highlighter.

I really love the packaging of NARS in general, and this appears in the same packaging as the rest of NARS Eyes Shadow Duos and NARS blushes.

The only downside I find is that if you put a little too much on, you can be a little over the top with the sparkle sparkle dazzle dazzle jazz hands appearance… But hey, once in a while I like to look a little over the top.

I also find it to be much different from any other highlighter I have. Benefit High Beam is more subtle and luminous in normal lighting, MAC Soft and Gentle also has a different looking texture in the sense that it is (at least in my mind) is more subtle and sparkles rather than applying color to the cheeks as well as being luminizing. NARS Albatross applies a white shade with gold highlighting, making it brighter.

I highlight recommend this product. It can work for many different skin tones.

This retails for $28.