Haul!! I need to stop going into stores…

So this was a bit of retail therapy. Been a tough few weeks. Here it goes. ❤

Here is everything in one shot. Benefit Coralista blush, 2 Sleep blushes, Benefit Coralista lip gloss, Benefit High Beam Highlighter, Barry M Bronzer, Maybelline Color Tattoos.

Barry M Bronzer – Subtle and not overpowering-ly orange. It has 12 grams of product and is a great alternative to Nars Laguna Bronzer. Perfect for my complexion.

Sleek Blush in Pomegranate (super pigmented and a great alternative to MAC Breezy).

Sleek Blush in Coral. It looks very orange in the photo, but it is more of a warm red/terracotta color.

Benefit Coralista up top. I have worn this every day this week. Beautiful for pale complexions. It is a rose/coral color and it will be well loved in the weeks to come.

Sleek Pomegranate

Sleek Coral

Barry M Bronzer


Benefit High Beam swatched. It is so beautiful and shiny and sparkely and OHH AHH! I love it. It makes my whole complexion LIGHT UP!


Maybelline Color Tattoos!! Woo hoo! Which are just that….tattoos for your eyes. They don’t budge and they are wonderfully pigmented bases. I love them! And no names…sorry, the labels came off when they got wet during my trek home. Damn English weather…. This was last week by the way. This week has been oddly bright and sunny. I even got a sunburn. Darn pale skin. Who knew you could get a sunburn in this overcast landscape?? Not me. My boss said to wear it as a badge of honor. The sun here is a rare sight indeed.


Benefit Coralista lip gloss, which is lovely. It looks super pigmented here, but if you look closely at the top of the swatch, that is its true color when rubbed into the lips. It unfortunately does not have a ton of lasting power, maybe 3 or 4 hours before the need to reapply arises. But it is still lovely and quite natural looking. Perfect if you are just out and about and you want a natural hint of color.

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed! ❤

I hereby vow not to go crazy or go into shops for….uh…um…er….shall we try 2 or 3 weeks? A month? No that’s overkill…