So let’s jump right in! With a NOTD!!

Hello! Howdy! How are ya?     Too much.

Okay. Here it is. A ‘Nail Polish of the Day.’ Or a few days rather as I have been wearing it a while. But if anything that should tell everyone something about its staying power. Being that I am a complete klutz and I tend to break or chip my nails on everything, I always judge a nail varnish on how long it lasts before chipping within its first few days. If it can make it past the 3 day mark without my destroying an edge… its pretty tough.

I have always been very loyal to OPI nail polishes and Sephora by OPI is no exception. It is beautiful and I have been using this brand for a couple of years. I have been attempting to wear brighter colors as of late and I was not sure if this color would be viewed by some as too extreme or noticed for its flashy and fabulous nature.

The latter turned out to be the case as I have received at least four or five comments on it in only three days. It is definitely a “notice me” polish and it is quite bold.

The color is a matte lime/neon/key west/tropical (you get the idea) GREEN! And its lovely.

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